Clouds in the Sky

I’m a homeschool mom of 3 beautiful children. I enjoy inspiring my children to learn and have fun.

We just finished a science unit on the weather. I wanted my children to feel like they were in the sky. So I decided to transform my dinning room.

Step1: Create a budget and keep it simple. Remember this project is probably only going to be used once or twice, so don’t break the bank. Think of cheap innovative ways to make the space fun and exciting.

Step2: Set the mood. I wanted the children to feel like they were in the sky so I made clouds out of paper lanterns. All you need is a glue gun, paper lanterns, some stuffing , string and command hooks. The lanterns were pretty cheap 2 to a pack. I filled the rest of the ceiling with tissue fluff balls .I hung the cloud pretty low because I wanted then to feel like they are IN the sky. You can buy cheap table covers for a long square table and hang them on your wall to cover the space. This is inexpensive and easy. However, if you have small children I wouldn’t hang the clouds very low since it can easily break. Last I set the mood by playing thunderstorm music in the background.

Step 3: Find cheap and easy projects on Pintrerest. I only did project with things I already owned. We did “cloud in a jar” water cycle in a bag’, and Thunderstorm in a bin. we invited some other homeschool student and we had a lot of fun.

Published by homeschooltransformation

I am a homeschool Mom of three children. I love to inspire my kids to learn and have fun.

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